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MMCCASH is establishing a name for itself as one of the world's leading performance based online ad networks. As a strong, trustful and leading link in the industry we are committed to change the face of online advertising for advertisers, publishers and end users. We are dedicated to generate and optimize the revenue for both our advertisers and publishers. Our optimization system enables Advertisers to implement highly effective wide branding as well as direct response campaigns, and Publishers to monetize traffic from all over the world. We continue to grow as a fiery technology and exclusive media company that seeks to innovate in the CPA space and beyond, ensuring quality over quantity in everything we do. We demand (of ourselves) the best in technology, tools, offers, partners, advertisers and publishers; and we work consciously and diligently every day to ensure that everything attached to or associated with MMCCASH Dating Network is of the highest quality possible.

Great For Affiliate

Whether you are new to the CPA marketer, We will help your business grow. We invite you to apply for membership as a revenue sharing partner of the MMCCASH Affiliate Network.

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MMCCASH utilizes a cost per action advertising model. Simply put, you pay for results, not for services! Learn more about advertising with MMCCASH below..

For Marketing

CPA stands for “Cost Per Action“. CPA is very simple: you get paid when someone clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action. The “action” can be just about anything, but usually consists of: Filling out a form. Getting an estimate or quote.

Great For Advertising

MMCCASH utilizes a cost per action advertising model. Simply put, you pay for results, not for services! Learn more about advertising with MMCCASH below.

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Live tracking, chat rooms, discussions, leaderboards, competitions, daily news announcements and more… Our custom interface keeps you connected.


So You Want To Be AnDating Affiliate Millionaire? !


  • Naughty Cheating-Trial PPS ( Best 4 Chat )
  • Hookup cams-Pay Per Trial ( High Converted )
  • Local Dates-Trial PPS
  • XXXPersonals PPS - All Traffic
  • Cams com- Trial PPS
  • Exclusive High Convert Trial PPS
  • Cams Tonight-Trial PPS
  • Cams Kingdom-Trial PPS( $0 charge )
  • Cams Invite- Trial Iframe
  • Dating In The Moment-Free Trial PPS

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some frequently asked questions for you

What kind of traffic is not allowed? ?

Incentivised Traffic is not allowed. Paying people to register for programs, asking your friends to join for the sole intention of making money via PPL program, asking friends on Social Media sites to "please join this free program" for the sole purpose of earning commissions, knowing that they will never become paying members, is not allowed and this traffic will not be paid and account terminated.

What is the Minimum payment?

Minimum payment is $100. If you opt for a 'wire' payment, the minimum wire payment is US $500.00. Wires carry a fee of $25.00. Be sure to review the cost of fees for the method you have chosen.

How can I get paid on a Weekly basis?

Affiliates must generate a minimum of $100.00 per week to opt-in for Weekly payments. Weekly Pay Period is Monday – Sunday.Payment date: Wednesday

I forgot my username/password, what do I do?

You can retrieve your password here You can also change your password/user by contacting your Account Manager or email Be sure to include your full name, the e-mail address used to create your account and/or your ID number.

Can I get paid for clicks and/or impressions?

No. MMCCASH is a performance-based network, only paying for qualified acquisitions (CPA, CPL, PPL, PPS) generated as a result of promotion. Therefore, we do not pay affiliates for clicks and/or impressions.

Why was my application denied?

Here are some reasons for denial:

  • 1. Your phone number is disconnected or not yours
  • 2. Email address is fake
  • 3. IP address used to sign up does not match your location
  • 4. Uncompleted questions
  • 5. Any fake information
  • 6. You do not answer your phone for review or call back

How often to Statistics update ?

Sales update every 15 minutes. operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) timezone.

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adult affiliates can determine which affiliate marketing programs are most profitable and adjust their campaigns accordingly. MMCCASH has researched and developed many different payout options for our adult affiliate programs. For more information, please see our affiliate program guide.

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